Stretch Ceilings in Biophilic Design

Newmat stretch ceilings used in Biophilic Design at Shell Chennai.

Explore the beauty of biophilic design with stretch ceilings. Our French-manufactured materials provide uniform light transmission and are eco-friendly. See how we work with visionary architects and lighting designers to create stunning designs that bring nature indoors, improving productivity and well-being.

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How Stretch Ceiling Companies in India Cheat You, And How to Avoid it

The stretch ceiling industry is booming and blooming in India, and as with every industry, there is a lot of unwarranted and unchecked trash that enters the market. Every stretch ceiling company you talk to in India will tell you that their membrane (or film or primary ceiling material) source is a European country, mainly France or…

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Swimming Pool Acoustic

When it comes to indoor pool areas, controlling noise can be a constant challenge. Wall-to-wall tiling adds to the number of surfaces, which enables sound to easily bounce off. Add to that, the noise of people swimming, talking and playing, so, the result can be a din of noise. Minimal sound reverberation and echoing are…

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