NEWMAT NEW/Graphic Printed Ceilings

A unique aesthetic technology for exceptional interiors.


NEW/GRAPHIC – All Newmat membranes can be printed with custom artwork to create surreal spaces in your interiors.

The most popular choice for printing is our range translucent membrane and the satin S600 membrane, popular for its smooth finished satin texture. For acoustic comfort in home theatres and public spaces, our acoustic membranes can be printed to create great visual experiences or branding that speaks for itself.

For all horizontal NEW/GRAPHIC applications, we strongly recommend using a double-layer system. The main function of the upper layer is to act as a dust barrier and ensure the longevity of the aesthetics of the system. However, this second layer can also be used as an added NEW/LIGHT diffuser if needed.

How it Works / Concept

Before After

Technical Specification


Fire Safety Certification

Class A / Class 1 as per US standard ASTM e84
Bs2d0 as per european standard
EN 13501-1:2007

european-conformity 1

European Certification

In compliance with European regulations, All Newmat are products are CE certified as per
EN 14716:2004


Light Transmission

Translucence varies from 70% to 85%. Our team can help you choose the right membrane for your application.


Moisture Resistance

Extremely low vapor permeability
Relative Humidity < 65%: 0.028gr / m2 mmhg
Relative Humidity > 65%: 0.045gr / m2 mmhg


Indoor Air Emissions

In compliance with REACH regulations, all Newmat products are rated A+ for indoor air emissions.


Environmental Impact

100% recycable materials are used for the manufacturing of our products.


Physical Properties

Thickness: 17 microns.
Weight: 221gsm +/- 2%
Width: From 200cm to 500cm


Acoustic Properties

Our membranes can be micro perforated for acoustic comfort using our patented perforation technology.

Artwork choice & Technicalities

Let us know your intent or inspiration, our team can help you with finalising the artwork for your printed ceiling. Under special conditions, we can also create customised samples for your requirement.


Supported Formats

Standard file formats supported are JPEG, AI, EPS, PNG, PDF, PSD, CDR


Minimum Resolution

All artwork should be 300DPI minimum and should be 1/10th size of actual ceiling size.


Maximum Sizes

Our Membrane Maximum width is 320cm, they can be welded seamlessly for further sizes.


Maintenance & durability

A wet cotton cloth is enough to wipe the membrane. Our prints are UV protected for 10 years for color holding gaurantee.

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