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We Strive For

Our Mission

Deliver to the Indian customer, the highest quality stretch ceilings and wall systems with the best installation practices. Thus, earning trust and becoming the preferred engineering agency for such products.

Commitment towards our customers

Our client is our priority, and we take our words very seriously. Our relationships with our customers are built over trust. Once we make a commitment, despite any hurdles we ensure timely delivery. Also, we always offer only premium products and impeccable installation quality.


Newmat's products have been rigorously tested for their safety and performance globally and are used worldwide for 3 decades. Your project deserves the safest and the best, nothing less. Read more about our certifications. (link to the blog which talks about our certifications.)


Newmat products are 100% recyclable. They use far less energy and produce very little waste when compared to any other ceiling system. Our products are also considered non-toxic upon burning. 

Unique Medley

From high gloss lacquered ceilings to anti-fungal ceilings, Newman’s product range has over 200 different products to choose from with a limitless possibility of design.

Why Choose US

Because you deserve the best.

  • Limitless creative freedom
  • End to end solution provider
  • Genuine Green Products
  • Durable and long lasting product range
  • Honest and transparent communication
  • PAN India Presence for hassle free execution

What We Do

From ideation to execution, whatever it takes our team lives up to the challenge. We know what it takes to get things done and we know how to get it done to get the best results for your projects.
Have a concept? Our team can suggest a possible journey to realise it! We develop tailor-made concepts of stretch ceilings considering your project requirements.

Our teams are constantly working on new refreshing ideas to help you create beautiful and functional spaces. From custom extrusions to 3D concepts, we love digging deep into the endless possibilities 

Newmat does not compete on price. We prioritize quality and service. It’s all about bringing in world-class standards for our Indian customers.

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We customise the artwork for your printed stretch fabric ceiling requirements for the best results.