NewLux Fabric

An innovative approach to designing 3D optical illusions


Newmat has collaborated with Ettlin Lux®, the leader in innovative technical textiles, to develop an exciting range of products that will help you create creative lighting effects, contours and shapes.

The kinetic fabric is designed to create patterns of lights with exceptional feel of depth.

This fabric opens up a new range of possibilities for designers.

How it Works / Concept

Before After

Technical Specification


Fire Safety Certification

Class A / Class 1 as per US standard ASTM e84
Bs2d0 as per european standard
EN 13501-1:2007

european-conformity 1

European Certification

In compliance with European regulations, All Newmat are products are CE certified as per
EN 14716:2004


Light Transmission

Translucence varies from 70% to 85%. Our team can help you choose the right membrane for your application.


Moisture Resistance

Extremely low vapor permeability
Relative Humidity < 65%: 0.028gr / m2 mmhg
Relative Humidity > 65%: 0.045gr / m2 mmhg


Indoor Air Emissions

In compliance with REACH regulations, all Newmat products are rated A+ for indoor air emissions.


Environmental Impact

100% recycable materials are used for the manufacturing of our products.


Physical Properties

Thickness: 17 microns.
Weight: 221gsm +/- 2%
Width: From 200cm to 500cm


Acoustic Properties

Translucent membranes can be micro perforated using our patented perforation technology.

Lighting Choices & Guidelines

Our experience in the lighting industry allows us to supply you the right kind of light every time. You can choose your color temperatures from the standard 3000K, 4000K or 6500K or go ahead with Tunable or RGB LED systems. All systems carry a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years or as specified.


IP Rated LEDs Modules

High IP rated modules are a preferred choice for general lighting and especially in moist areas such as swimming pools, bathrooms, etc.


Metal Core PCB LEDs

High performance MCPCB LED strips are used for performance lighting. Places like conference rooms, retail showrooms, etc.


DMX LED systems

Programmable & RGB LED systems add a little dynamism to the product. They help create enchanting visual elements.



For automation purposes, Mobile App Based, DALI based, DMX Based or 1-10 Dimming systems are available as needed.

Lighting Partners

Over the years, we have partnered with leading LED and control gear manufacturers to deliver the desired lighting solutions.


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