Swimming Pool Acoustic

Swimming Pool Acoustics

When it comes to indoor pool areas, controlling noise can be a constant challenge. Wall-to-wall tiling adds to the number of surfaces, which enables sound to easily bounce off. Add to that, the noise of people swimming, talking and playing, so, the result can be a din of noise.

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Minimal sound reverberation and echoing are vital to ensure speech intelligibility and safety whenever a public announcement is made. Swimming pools should provide an acoustic environment that allows people to enjoy their leisure time in peaceful and safe surroundings.

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There is only a handful of acoustical solutions that can withstand long-term exposure to the moisture in indoor swimming pool areas. At Newmat, we provide solutions that can greatly reduce the sound levels in these spaces as well as enhance their look. Our ceilings, which are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and textures, are innovative, unique, and aesthetically pleasing both visually and acoustically.

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Conditions in aquatic centers and indoor pools can be similar to those of tropical climates, and temperature and humidity levels need to be controlled through ventilation and air conditioning. However, it is important to choose sound-absorbing materials that are designed to be used in extremely high humidity and that can handle fluctuating temperature and humidity levels. Newmat’s stretch ceilings can easily withstand 90% relative humidity at 30°C.

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Not only are the functionality and durability of the sound-absorbing materials important, but so are the aesthetics. If acoustics are not included in the design at the start of a project and sound-absorbing materials are brought in too late, there is a risk of a mismatch between the design concept and the materials used. Given the strong competition to attract visitors to aquatic centers, their design and ambiance are vitally important factors. NEWMAT NEW/ACOUSTIC sound-absorbing membranes offer flexibility at the beginning of the design stage.

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Examples of NEWMAT NEW/ACOUSTIC design solutions that meet all the above requirements are as follows:

  • AQUARENA, Arras, France ( 3D white and blue glossy acoustic finish)
  • AQUAMAR, Katwijk, Netherlands ( white satin acoustic finish)
  • CENTRE AQUATIQUE DE COGNAC, Vauzelles, France ( white glossy acoustic finish)
  • THALASSO, St Malo, France ( MIRODAL full LED white translucent finish)
  • ARGONA, Vouziers, France ( white mat acoustic finish)
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