Stretch Ceilings in Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is a rapidly growing trend in architecture and interior design. The use of stretch ceilings in biophilic designs is increasing with more and more people recognising the benefits of incorporating natural elements into our built environment. Newmat stretch ceiling solutions are a perfect fit for biophilic design. We are able offer a versatile and functional solution for creating unique, organic shapes and designs.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using stretch ceilings in biophilic design, using this recent project as an example.

Stretch ceilings are highly versatile and can be used to create unique, organic shapes and designs that complement biophilic design principles. Combined with the right materials, the end result can mimick the look and feel of natural materials, such as skylights or trees, while also providing practical benefits such as uniform light transmission and sound insulation.

In this project, our translucent backlit stretch ceiling material was used to create a tree-like structure that served as the primary source of light and seamlessly integrated with the carpentry and greenery. The result: Aa successful marriage of form and function that enhances the overall experience of the users of the space.

Technical Specifications of Stretch Ceilings

NEWMAT’s stretch ceiling solutions offer impressive technical specifications:

  • Fire-rating bs1d0 / bs2d0
  • A+ rating for VOC emissions
  • 100% recyclable

Such stringent specifications are an ideal choice for biophilic designs where safety and sustainability are key concerns. Compared to local manufacturers in India, Newmat’s stretch ceiling solutions offer superior performance and durability. We are a choice for designers where their design should withstand the test of time.

Meticulous Installation Practices

At NEWMAT India, we take great pride in our meticulous installation practices, ensuring that every detail is taken care of. Each element in the design is an individual ceiling, with a total of 36 panels for each tree. The installation process for this project involved carefully measuring and cutting our powder coated channels. This helps make sure that the curves and corners fit the unique shape of the structure. Our team then installed the material with precision and care, ensuring that it was secure and seamless.

Project Details:

Client: Prestigious client at Chennai.
Architect: DSP Design Associates
Lighting Consultant: Lightalive Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Interior Contractor: Om Sai Intex Pvt Ltd
Lighting Supplier: Chandra Lamp Shades

Application Details:

72 (2 sets of 36) panels of our TOB3M translucent membranes are installed radially to create this biophilic element at 2 different floors. The element offers a unique experience for the users of the space by helping them improve focus and feel relaxed.

Newmat’s stretch ceiling solutions used to create a large tree-like structure.

Benefits of Stretch Ceilings in Biophilic Design

Using stretch ceilings in biophilic designs offers a unique set of benefits for human health and wellbeing. Natural elements like light and greenery can boost productivity, reduce stress, and improve mood. By using stretch ceilings in biophilic designs, we can bring these natural elements indoors, creating not only a more pleasant but also a stimulating environment for the users.

NEWMAT’s Stretch ceilings also offer sustainability and environmental benefits. By using durable and long-lasting materials, we reduce the need for frequent replacements and waste. Additionally, our stretch ceilings are 100% recyclable and certified green, further reducing their environmental impact.


All in all, NEWMAT is an excellent choice for biophilic designs, offering a unique set of benefits that enhance the overall design and functionality. We are proud to offer world-class stretch ceiling solutions for architects, interior designers, lighting designers, and facility owners. We invite you to explore the possibilities of stretch ceilings in biophilic design and experience the benefits for yourself.