Transform any Environment With the Magic of NEWMAT’s Printed Stretch Ceilings

NEWMAT’s printed stretch ceilings open a world of design possibilities, transforming any space into a visual masterpiece. Here are some inspiring ideas to spark your creativity:

Themed Immersions:

  • History Buff’s Dream: Transport yourself to a bygone era with a majestic castle interior or a sprawling ancient library scene.
  • Under the Sea Adventure: Create a calming and whimsical underwater world featuring vibrant coral reefs, playful dolphins, and schools of fish – perfect for a bathroom, children’s playroom, or even a restaurant.
  • Starry Night Escape: Bring the beauty of the cosmos indoors with a realistic night sky design, ideal for a home theater, bedroom, or a meditation room.

Functional Art:

  • 3D Geometric Playground: Play with light and shadow by incorporating 3D geometric patterns that add a touch of modern art to any space.
  • Calming Color Gradient: Create a sense of flow and tranquility with a gradual color gradient across the ceiling, transitioning from a light and airy hue to a deeper, more relaxing shade.
  • Nature’s Inspiration: Soothe the mind and create a connection with nature with calming forest canopies, serene mountain landscapes, or gentle sunrise scenes.

Playful Touches:

  • Giant Bookcase: For a child’s room or library, create the illusion of a massive bookcase stretching across the ceiling, filled with colorful books and playful characters.

NEWMAT is a leading company in the world of stretch ceilings, and their printed stretch ceiling installations offer a unique and beautiful way to enhance any space. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect with a NEWMAT printed stretch ceiling installation:

Benefits of NEWMAT Printed Ceilings:

  • High-Quality Printing: NEWMAT utilizes a patented imaging process that allows for high-resolution printing on their ceiling membranes. This ensures crisp and vibrant designs that will last.
  • Durable Materials: NEWMAT ceilings are made from top-notch, fire-resistant, and anti-bacterial fabrics, making them ideal for various applications, especially healthcare environments.
  • Customizable Designs: You can choose from NEWMAT’s extensive design library or provide your own artwork for a truly personalized ceiling.
  • Wide Range of Options: NEWMAT offers a variety of colors, textures, and finishes to complement your design vision.

The Installation Process:

  1. Consultation: A NEWMAT representative will discuss your project requirements, space measurements, and desired design.
  2. Design Selection: You can choose from pre-designed options, customize an existing design, or provide your own artwork.
  3. Production: NEWMAT will create your custom-printed ceiling membrane based on the finalized design.
  4. Installation: A certified NEWMAT installer will visit your site to prepare the perimeter and carefully install the stretch ceiling. The installation process is known for being clean and efficient.

Visit the NEWMAT website to explore their design library and get started on creating your dream printed stretch ceiling. With their expertise, high-quality materials, and endless design possibilities, NEWMAT can help you turn your vision into a reality.