NEWMAT Stretch Ceiling @ Jaywalking, Ahmedabad

NEWMAT translucent stretch ceiling solutions deliver an unparalleled experience to the customers at Jaywalking store, Ahmedabad.


Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Architect: Metanoia Designs
Installation Size: 477 sq ft.


Project Type: Retail
Product Type: Translucent NEW/LIGHT
Products used: TOB3M with Aluminium Wall Ghost Perimeter profiles and dimmable Osram Backlighting solutions.


The latest Jaywalking store at Ahmedabad doesn’t just boast their latest in streetwear, it also boasts of one-of-a-kind approach towards using our products as the highlight of their entire showroom! All the important areas of the showroom whether it’s the electric poles, the colosseum-like stepped area or the exotic sculpture court use NEWMAT’s stretch ceiling systems.


Trial rooms are often areas that are overlooked at apparel outlets, but not at Jaywalking! At their Ahmedabad store, the trail rooms are also equipped with NEWMAT’s stretch ceiling systems to provide voluminous and shadow-free lighting to the users. This is the level of meticulous detail the designer of the store exhibits. They have left no stone unturned to ensure that the customer experience is at its peak!