NEWMAT Stretch Ceilings @ Frenyz Salon, Vadodara

Frenyz Salon and Couture, Vadodara: Where Innovation Meets Illumination with NEWMAT Stretch Ceilings.

Client: Frenyz Salon and Couture, Vadodara.
Architect: Studio Imagine.
Location: Vadodara, Gujarat.
Installer: Newmat India.

Project Details: Frenyz Salon in Vadodara, Gujarat, India has used NEWMAT Stretch Ceilings to create a stylish and modern look in their salon. A circular ceiling with a large live tree is placed at the center of the space to add a traditional touch to the salon (Traditionally, Indian barbers set their shops up under large trees.). Another large ceiling acts as the source of volumetric light to help the hair stylists get a shadow free experience while working with their clientele. The third ceiling is the make-up room, where the tunable light source helps the clientele visual their attire and make-up in every type of lighting.

We come to the hairdressing salon not only for a new hairstyle. We also visit such a place to relax, experience a bit of luxury or improve our mood. That is why interior design is of great importance in this industry.

The living room we present today is located in an old tenement house. In the salon room, there is a separate waiting room for customers waiting for treatment. A big advantage of this room are large windows that illuminate the interior. On their wide window sills, you could place accessories in the form of soft cushions, lamps, lanterns that warm up the interior.

The whole has received NEWLIGHT solutions offering exceptional lighting parameters, from the amount of light output to personalization through servicing the systems thanks to the EASY-FIT technology, allowing easy access to the lamps.

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