NEWMAT Stretch Ceilings @ Space Odyssey, Rajkot

Space Odyssey Rajkot: Where Innovation Meets Illumination with NEWMAT Stretch Ceilings.

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat.
Architect: Pandya & Associates.
Lighting Designer: Atelierlights.
Installation Size: 255 sqft.

Project Type: Commercial
Product Type: New/Textil
Products used: NEWMAT New/Textil Luminous Art 100% PVC Free textiles backlit using Osram LED systems.


Rajkot’s commercial landscape welcomes a new landmark – Space Odyssey. This cutting-edge hub seamlessly blends design and functionality, highlighted by its awe-inspiring lobby. At the center of this space is a NEWMAT Stretch Ceiling skylight, transforming the ambiance and showcasing the power of innovative design.

The NEWMAT Difference

NEWMAT Stretch Ceilings push the boundaries of commercial interior design. In the Space Odyssey project, these solutions brought several key advantages:

  • Expansive Realism: The skylight ceiling mimics the vastness and serenity of a natural sky, infusing the lobby with a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and tenants.
  • Seamless Integration: NEWMAT solutions blend effortlessly with other interior elements, creating a cohesive and visually stunning space.
  • Expert Collaboration: NEWMAT worked seamlessly with lighting designer Nirmit Jhaveri of Atelierlights and architect Bankim Pandya of Pandya Associates. This collaboration ensured a flawless result that perfectly aligns with the project’s vision.

Beyond Aesthetics: Client-Focused Service

At NEWMAT, we go beyond beautiful products. Our success in the Space Odyssey, Rajkot project is a testament to our commitment to exceptional client service:

  • Technical Guidance: We provided detailed drawings and lux level calculations, ensuring the perfect lighting design and execution.
  • Quick Installation: Our efficient installation process minimized disruption for the client.
  • Client Satisfaction: The success of this collaboration led to a repeat order from the client, highlighting their trust in NEWMAT’s solutions and expertise.

Transform Your Space with NEWMAT Stretch Ceilings

If you’re seeking to elevate your commercial projects, NEWMAT Stretch Ceilings open a world of possibilities. From breathtaking skylights to dynamic lighting integration, they deliver both aesthetic and practical value.

Let us help you bring your vision to life. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of NEWMAT Stretch Ceilings!