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NEWMAT Acoustic Stretch Ceiling solutions


NEW/Acoustic – All NEWMAT membranes can be micro-perforated to help in acoustic absorption. This patented technology helps reduce the reverberation of sound in the space making it comfortable and intelligible.

NEWMAT acoustic membranes can provide 0.45 NRC of sound absorption without any conventional acoustic insulation material. We can deliver to you acoustic absorption of upto 1 NRC depending on your requirement with the help of different acoustical cores.

Forget conventional sound absorption systems which include limited sized tiles & textiles that need to be designed in a manner that contribute to your acoustic needs. The Newmat acoustic products are time tested range that have helped architects, acousticians develop  public spaces with better acoustics and spectacular aesthetics.

How it Works / Concept

Certified By industry leaders

Newmat’s expertise in acoustic performance is backed by industry leaders who have tested various configurations of our products for sound absorption.

Popular configurations

Depending on your acoustic requirement, our team can suggest to you the correct configuration. Below are some of our most popular configurations.

Technical Specification

Fire Safety Certification

Class A / Class 1 as per US standard ASTM e84
Bs2d0 as per european standard
EN 13501-1:2007

European Certification

In compliance with European regulations, All Newmat are products are CE certified as per
EN 14716:2004

Choice of Textures

Choose from the whole range of the Newmat membranes. Translucent, Opaque, Satin, Suede or Lacquer.

Moisture Resistance

Extremely low vapor permeability
Relative Humidity < 65%: 0.028gr / m2 mmhg
Relative Humidity > 65%: 0.045gr / m2 mmhg

Indoor Air Emissions

In compliance with REACH regulations, all Newmat products are rated A+ for indoor air emissions.

Environmental Impact

100% recycable materials are used for the manufacturing of our products.

Physical Properties

Thickness: 17 microns.
Weight: 221gsm +/- 2%
Width: From 200cm to 500cm

Acoustic Properties

All our membranes can be micro perforated using our patented perforation technology.