Reimagining your receptions, lobbies & waiting areas.

Receptions, lobbies & waiting areas are the face of your interiors.

As architects, you take due care while designing the receptions for your clients. Receptions are the features of your corporate projects, you meticulously detail out the interiors, carefully choose the color scheme and make every brand stand out. Lobbies and waiting areas become an identity that speak out your inputs. Visitors, clients and even employees spend time in these areas and as a designer you always want to bring out the best in your projects while designing them.

We at Newmat India love to help you bring out the best in these places. Newmat’s range of translucent stretch ceiling systems, combined with our professional lighting experience can deliver the most pleasing experience for your end clients.

Receptions that inspire awe.

At Rainbow Children Hospitals Banjara Hills, the team from Ameya Designs wanted to create a warm reception and wanted to highlight the playfulness of the interiors. Afterall, a positive and playful environment soothes and comforts children as well as their wards. Newmat India delivered a monolithic ceiling circular ceiling with a 9 mtr dia going around an off centered column. The seam joints, in such a huge ceiling, are almost invisible. With a total of 1200 sq. ft. in two circular panels, the client and the architects are delighted with our products, execution style and services. Newmat India is proud to be associated with Rainbow Hospitals for their current and future projects.

Creating a corporate identity.

UST Global’s Kochi HQ had a fantastic vision for their reception, we brought this vision into reality and with our quick response team handling the delivery and execution of this premium project. A total of 650 sq. ft. divided into 3 panels covers the entire reception cum lobby. Combined with the lacquered wall panelling, the reception comes out as an eye candy to everyone in the facility.

Let us know if you are looking to create something beautiful for your projects, and by beautiful we mean something that stays beautiful for life long.

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